Food Allergies

    Hey Cosmo’s, There’s a topic that I’ve really been wanting to talk about with you guys. FOOD ALLERGIES!! So, my son has a peanut allergy (PA) and an egg allergy (EA). Today,many kids are born with food allergies and later outgrow them.  So, how did we find out? ECZEMA! James has had eczema since he … [Read more…]

Don’t Say It !

Let’s get straight to the point… When there’s a new mom in town veteran mommas always feel they have the greatest advice. Now let me tell you, sharing your opinion may be great and you might be helping someone who is in desperate need for mommy advice out, but most of the time some moms … [Read more…]

Baby’s First Fever

Most babies have their first fever between 6-12 months, right after their shots. James has definitely been a bit warm in the past but not fever level. So here we are 14 months old and BAM we greet his first fever. My happy smiling playful child is under the weather. We have been to the … [Read more…]